"Our aim is to design for our clients’ specific threats, economically and flexibly”Barrie Pegrum
Founder of Sector Associates

Who we are

The Sector Associates award winning team has
25 years experience working together in planning,
designing, building, equipping, testing and
maintaining a wide variety of tailor-made
military, police, special-forces and civilian
training facilities in over 40 countries.


What we do

Sector Associates have specialist expertise in delivering versatile, bespoke solutions based on unparallelled understanding of the training requirements.


  • Small-arms shooting ranges
  • Close-quarter-battle (CQB) buildings and urban complexes
  • Interactive video ranges
  • Partition ranges including the versatile FRAPP System
  • Method-of-entry (MOE) and assault buildings
  • Live fire mock-ups (aircraft, helicopters, ships, overground and subway trains, oil-rigs)
  • Abseiling/climbing structures
  • Parachute training structures
  • All types of support facilities

Founder - M B Pegrum

Sector Associate's founder is Barrie Pegrum - an engineer and space planner with 25 years experience designing, building, equipping and testing ranges and Close Quarter Battle facilities all over the world. His eleven associates have worked with him on all his major projects and are acknowledged experts in their fields.