"Our aim is to design for our clients’ specific threats, economically and flexibly”Barrie Pegrum
Founder of Sector Associates

Other reasons why FRAPP is so advanced
  • Erection and disassembly is rapid using an electric stacker truck and manual trolley
  • Wall surfaces are flat without any protruding joint covers
  • Door and window frames are MOE capable
  • Door panels can be made 100% bulletproof in seconds thus changing scenario routes
  • 2 metre wide frames are available for double doors, lift doors, shop fronts, arches, etc.
  • Doors can be rapidly reconfigured to swing in or out, or change from left to right hinge
  • Half metre grid allows excellent scenario flexibility
  • Panel joints have 5 degrees of freedom making them tolerant of uneven floors
  • Panels are rigidly fixed together with quarter turn camlocks – there are no bolts
  • Facing repair/replacement is quick and easy using an electric screwdriver
  • Panels are 150mm thick and have 240mm wide bases enabling them to be freestanding when stored
  • All panels are non-splintering and reversible enabling repair/ maintenance periods to be extended

  • Panel interlocking is strong enough to enable MOE attack against the doors
  • FRAPP CQB Partition System can be proofed for handguns, smg’s, carbines and rifles up to 7.62mm
  • When locked together, FRAPP panels are stable against shoulder impact without additional bracing
  • Doors can be blanked off in seconds to vary access routes